Elisabeth Nielsen food strainers are high quality, made of the finest stainless steel we could get our hands on to give you fine mesh strainers you can rely on. We’re proud of our products, but we understand that while they are very practical and every kitchen needs them, they aren’t anything you’d tell a friend about with, “Hey, check this out!” So we thought it would be fun to share a few of the more unusual kitchen gadgets we’ve come across recently.

Stainless Steel Watermelon Slicer – One of summer’s delights is a cold, juicy watermelon, but slicing them up is messy and a lot of work. Norpro came up with a watermelon slicer that looks pretty handy. You won’t get the roundest slices possible and may need to scrape the last of it out with a spoon, but overall, it looks convenient, quick, and not very messy.

Pineapple Peeler, Corer, and Slicer – Another sweet, juicy summer treat that’s a huge mess to prepare is fresh pineapple, so a device that lets you make a perfect tower of yellow perfection like you buy at the grocery store is certainly a great idea. There are several on the market, but the Williams Sonoma version this link goes to includes an attachment for chopping the slices into cubes too. The device is basically a drill that cores the pineapple, with a horizontal blade that slices through as you screw it down into the fruit. The skin is left intact to be used as a fruit bowl if you are in a Polynesian mood.

Food Huggers – We’ve all had cut fruit rolling around in bowls that don’t fit while the cut surface oxidizes in the fridge, right? Well, Food Huggers are a great solution to that problem. They are flexible silicone caps with wrap-around sides that you can attach them directly on to the cut end of fruits and vegetables to keep them fresh. The idea is to cut down on waste and create compact storage. They can also be used to seal open cans, jars, and cups. To make them even more fun to use, the sets of five assorted-sized pieces come in four different color themes. There’s also one sold separately that is specially shaped for avocados—the biggest challenge for trying to keep fresh once it’s been cut!

Star Wars R2-D2 Measuring Cup Set – Here’s one you’ll really want to show off—it’s a set of measuring cups and spoons that stacks to form R2-D2. It’s made from food-grade, BPA-free ABS plastic and has to be hand-washed, but it’s such a neat set, it’s totally worth that little extra effort.

Obol Crispy Bowl – Those of you who like to pour your cereal and let it sit to soften up won’t get this at all, but those of us who hate soggy shreds and floppy flakes now have something to make breakfast special again. The bowl has a dry tray at the top and a spiral design so you can just slide a bite or two into the milk below as you are ready to eat it. Your cereal never gets soggy!

There are a lot of kitchen gadgets for fun, and some that you just have to have, so if you don’t already have a set of our fine quality strainer set, order one today!